Monday, September 8, 2008

Wanted: Suspected Bike Thief

The attached photo is of a theft / burglary suspect that is preying on your neighborhood. Detectives from Central division recently uncovered a bike theft ring in which the suspect Troy Marlow has been stealing several dozen high-end bikes & selling them to different fences throughout South Phila. & Center City.

He currently has only a bench-warrant for narcotics. Central Detectives would like to question him in regards to the thefts & burglaries. He may be staying in an abandoned property on the 1700 block of Montrose St. Anyone seeing him is to call 911. He normally rides a bike.



Peter said...

Damn, you are working hard on this. I think you are a super hero in an MSc. disguise!

Anonymous said...

boo hoo. sorry your hipster urban experience isn't working out. you guys ride bikes that cost more than my car.